Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Economics of Compassion. Compassion and Tron.

I believe I have stated earlier that I am currently reading The Positive Psychology of Buddism and Yoga.

I must say that I am finding it awesome to have a greater understanding of something that I have been interested on the periphery for a long time, BUDDISM.

I have not finished reading it yet but I am currently having the 4 Noble Truths to be explained.

But one the feelings I have where they are leading to is to gain enlightment one has to let go of attachment to Dukkha.  Which makes sense to me but it is as the book describes an understanding that the religion of Buddism may well be a quite pessimistic.

Which is interesting to me because of how it has been linked in this book to Positive Psychology.  Which is meant to be about the science of flourishing which is highly linked to optimism.

However I have heard from a source not given here. That the first real exploration of the sciences starts with Philosophy.  The Science of what some may call the opportunity to naval gaze.   Or have action without undertakings.

I myself love to dabble a little in all of the educationally activity that this new world avails us at the touch of our finger tips.

As you may notice I have an underlying belief in the opportunities for goodness within people but also a more than healthy understanding of the Dukkha that is all around us.

I am one to try and make sense of this all through creating meaning from other mediums.  I really like Movies and one of my favourite childhood and adult movies is TRON.  I am sure I have mentioned it before.

TRON is an excellent example of the sciences being used to create great stories.  As in my read of the movies (including TRON Legacy) as Erik Flynn (Jeff Bridgers) shows in his evolution throughout is you come into the Grid with high expectations of change and it may come to fruition that you create change as was shown at the end and the beginning of TRON that as Erik had "settled" the troops by being all ZEN and enlighted was that he forgot to understand that there is a responsibility to give back once you have attained a higher level of Enlightenment.  And until his son returns and he has further meaning in his life does he realise that he has forgotten to give back. 

This Movie
is something that really excites my sense of the world.  The capacity to create change even if at times this change that comes has to feel uncomfortable for a while.

I myself at this time am experiencing a relatively major event of experiencing Dukkhr.

But I am finding that I striding forward with strength from the variety of experiences that I am having at the moment.  But the single biggest experience which has assisted me to get through these events is the Compassion that I have gained from those who are important to me.

I gained a message from the

and it led me to this TED video below.
on that exact issue.  Compassion.

Take a look.

Exciting as I was watching it and realised that a well respected man within one of the biggest corporate organisations Google can say that there is money in COMPASSION I am listening and thinking..........

From my own limited experience I have found that the greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion.
                                                                                               Dalai Lama

To gain the greatest level of inner tranquility and get paid I want that JOB!

By the way anyone have a Job?  I lost mine somewhere behind the couch I am looking for another to replace it because I know where it is behind the couch It just wasn't a size and shape that was a good fit for me.

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