Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Grit and AWE!!!!!!!

In going for a run the other day I got myself into a spot of bother actually as I started going for a run in the later part of the day just a couple of hours before dusk.

It was a good run slower than usual but I had minimal expectations other than to just turn the legs over.  But I went for a run into the bush just near where I live and I may well have been open a little to noticing the more inspiring elements of life, this day, as I was struck with real AWE by the views that I came across, I had not been to this particular place before although near by this track was a little bit different.  A track noticable but looked disused for a while and was slightly over grown.  But I will get to the significance of this later...

But the views were really nice and in the particular time of day they were just very peaceful and calming and left me with a sense of AWE as to the simple beauty around us all.  We can generally choose to focus on the shittier items of our life so it was pleasant to actually catch myself enjoying the beauty..

Anyway I took a few pictures to share with you:

 The pictures probably do not  do justice to my experience.  But I was really taken aback by the beauty and splendour of this place.  I stayed here for a short time to just take in the scene for a while.  But the difficulty came as I realised that it was getting dark and I had no lights with me and a track that as you remember was overgrown.

This was an issue and as I started to run away from this spot I sort of realised that I was just a little lost and had found myself with no path to follow.  This was more than a little anxiety provocing actually as I had thoughts of an entire SES search party out for me and me having to spend a night out in the bush in the cold.

The issue worsened as it progressively got darker and the area in which I was quite rocky and ledgy (eg if not careful I would fall off a ledge.

It was in this moment that I realised I had an opportunity to work through this emotion and gain a learning opportunity.

I was while there remembering an article I had read the previous day about the the learning opportunities that are available when we are faced with challenge.

For me the learning was the ability and need to control my emotions to allow myself to think in a rational manner to get myself out of the situation.

I am here writing this BUT it was a challenge but I can now take that memory with me that I CAN work through challenge and succeed.  I also took it that this experience can be added to my bank of memories of times that I have experienced challenge and adversity and came out the other end with greater Grit and determination. 

I must say that the experience of moving through adversity really gave me a pep in my step on the run home.  But I still had time to admire the simple pleasures and during this time of apparent peace and joy of the Xmas season I really took delight in viewing the various Xmas lights that people had placed on their houses.  And I took some more pictures for you.  Sorry it is not the best example.....


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