Friday, 21 December 2012

BUT4... war.

BUT4... Religion the world would be a very different place.

Religion is said to create the spark that drives wars throughout the centuries.  However for many many people it is their religious faith that allows them to traverse the trials and tribulations of the experience of life.

I myself do not see the issue being religion per'se but rather the desires of individuals that dictate individuals power and control and how that power is used in positions of power. That create levels of anger that erupt into war.  I guess it just that religion or faith is often such a provocative subject as it so entrenched in our emotions and how we make meaning out of our shared experience.

But there must be another way.

I write this evening listening to lord of the rings a genre that I love Fantasy which often celebrates our struggle through the world but through the expected and joyous victory of good over evil.  BUT at the same time it is Friday 21st December the day of the predicted end of the world as suggested by the Manyan Calender.

But as I am watching the movie and or tv I must then still be alive as you are while reading this.... I was not a serious believer but I kept a interested eye on the topic for a curiosity perspective.

OK we didn't die! BUT had the world ended what would have been our legacy that we would have left behind as a Animals.  Perhaps the best thing about a scenerio that goes viral is that it now gives us all a collective opportunity to take the time to reflect on the direction and tragectory of your life and determine whether that life that you were doing before the world was "supposed" to END and evaluate whether that is the LEGACY that you want to be "#YOURENDOFDAYS"



It would appear that the capacity for the creation of war is inherent to us all. OR perhaps the other way is to undertake life through a set of principles that can allow us to transcend this experience.

As I am learning more of Buddism and Yoga through the book that I currently reading as stated earlier.  The Positive Psychology of Buddism and Yoga.  Paths to mature happiness. With special application to Handling Anger.  I see the capacity to have a different world through the exploration and challenge of the SELF rather than actions I have taken in the past.  But this is our journey is it not to LIVE LIFE and LEARN!

This is the journey that I am taking and I will as expected detail my various trials and successes along this journey but it is hoped that we can all undertake a similiar journey so as we can all experience the greatest joy and happiness that is available to us all.

Maybe if we could all look forward to a day in the future where instead of the topic of war being the title of this blog.  We could all look or put ourselves into a time in the future where the tpoic of discussion would be BUT4 X (X being the "thing" that can be practised by us all to create an environment that allows all of us to flourish) our world would be a very different place.

For mind this thing starts with good LEADERSHIP!!!!  and the exploration of each of us to lead through action the change that we want to see!!!!!!

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