Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Space and Place- a journey Faith and Experience

Dear all
It has been quite an extended period of time since my last Blog post.
Things have changed a significant amount for me within this period of time.

I have moved places of residents, I have quit my job, and generally simply gained a new place and space in the world.
It is significant to note how important that Place and Space play a role within the world and within your own HEADSPACE.
I have moved to live on the 3rd largest island of Australia.  That being Kangaroo Island.  3rd largest behind Tasmania in Tasmania , and Melville Island off the NT.
Kangaroo Island is full of natural Beauty and filled with exquisite Flora and Fauna.
This can be illustrated by this picture that was taken from front door during a Sun shower.
As you can see it has an uplifting theme of a Rainbow and really does detail how I feel about my current situation.

However to get to this place has not been easy.  It has taken a significant amount of Mental Dance for the want of a better word.  Many have since we moved stated that they are in awe of the step that we have taken and taken it rather than simply talked about making a change.
This has been a journey that has meant that myself and my wife have had to discuss the option of Loss.  particularly Financial Loss travelling into the uncertainty of a new Place leaving behind everything.  As we knew nobody on the island.
It is interesting having a discussion about Loss for i aware from previous training about Influence I am aware that human are often much concerned with what they may loose and holding on for dear life to what they have, rather than banking on what they may gain.
I am obviously no different.
I had many concerns and fears about the move BUT as stated in the title to get here I have ventured through a Space of belief and trusting in the Universe and also myself to brave that things will in the end work out.
I have also come to terms with the idea that in the end if things do not work out that I will be better for the experience, better to have lost and loved than to never have loved at all so to speak.
Obviously there is much that has not been discussed here and each and everyday is a journey in this new life but I travel on with faith.
Into the apparent darkness with FAITH not necessarily in Religion, God or any deeper issues that may been discussed in previous blog posts.
BUT faith that it will be OK.  Whatever happens.

For as long as I am breathing and upright with the ability to continue then all else is truly just knocked up to experience.

I guess this can be best demonstrated by a picture that was taken from my balcony that would normally overlook the Shoels Bay within the Island but in Dark reminded me of the view out of the Millenniel Falcon from Star Wars.

I continue to venture into the darkness of the unknown.  Open to the ever growing options that experience of life allows.

Go well traveller for experience lights the way.

Monday, 5 September 2016


As per usual I have just been undertaking some random thinking.
And I was thinking about Civilisation and I sort of think of think that some of our issues as #Humanity is that we had gotten ourselves into a situation where we have forgotten to live in the moment.
Because "In the Wild" if you do not fully live in the moment then you become someone's dinner!
So we do what needs to be done for survival and then we appreciate the finite moments where we perceive safety.
And these moments we are grateful and appreciate them!
However now we have an almost insatiable desire to consume. It is even the measure of a flourishing economy.
And as such we need to "work" and become stressed by our's and others expectations of us and as "most" if not all of us have the inner demons that say we are not good enough.
So we despair!

Maybe this could be why #Mindfulness works is because it reminds us that we need to stop and reflect on our true importance!

So remember all, you like me am Important and get out in nature regularly to remember that there are real beasts out out there can eat you far better than your Boss may attempt. Unless of course she/ he is a good- great leader!
That is all!

Short sharp thoughts... However I would welcome ppl leave their own thoughts.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Shane's Church- The ever expanding Sphere

Well it has been some time since writing my last post.

I am today writing again for I feel something needs to move in my life and as I generally find this Blog to be a sort of personal cathartic journey that I guess I share with the Interwebs.  Here I go.

I may well have written about this is some way previously but I wont let that stop me attacking similiar information from a different perspective.

In recent times I have been undertaking studies of a formal nature in an informal way.  I explain that I have been on Coursera undertaking such courses as "Morality in everyday life" and the last course of "Buddism and Modern Psychology".  All interesting things and if you wish to understand then I highly recommend the course.

However there appears to me to be a familiar theme running through these courses and with much of what I see around me.  The search for meaning.

Many as we know search for meaning within Religion and the church and although I have not undertaken any serious study in this area I have an aversion to the word religion or Church as I see that this "can" be manipulated by the power seeking human who may well be known as a priest or other such thing.

However I do have an affinity to Buddism as I understand this to be a Religion created for human's by Humans.  Or at least this is what I undrstand it to be.  Ie there is no formal Deity.  As Buddha as I understand was a Man.

Anyway I have likely Bastardised this understanding to create something that makes sense for me.

I do not have any rituals or practises that make the practise of this church but rather an explanation of how we all fit together and how it is within our best interests to show Empathy and Compassion to all as we are all interconnected and together so we need to start acting like it.

The idea may well correlate with Peter Singers Theory of the ever expanding Circle. Which can be explored more here--> 

It also to me has correlates with the Christian ideal of the Trinity.  But Different.

Anyway well let me begin....

It can be explained visually as per the diagram below...
The basis of my Philosophy which no doubt is made from others as you Can see has 3 entities...

Me/ SELF = That which I consider to be #mySELF.  Pretty simple.

US = US is dependent on the context of how many people are together.  Eg If you have me and You then we can be an US. Me and an Identity group Eg Football Fans are US and there can be thousands of US in this group. You and a army can be US. Etc Etc.

THEM = Anybody who at the time is not Me or US... I for one also include all Non Human Animals and other Life as defined by ME.  But for yourself well that is up to YOU....

However as relationships go those who belong to the group of US can have a falling out and become THEM and those who we are yet to meet and do and like each other some of THEM can become one of US.

All very easy. When you understand and appreciate that US and THEM are all around ME...

As is indicated in the Book

"The Expanding Circle:
Ethics, Evolution, and Moral Progress"

Peter Singer asks the question?
 What is ethics? Where do moral standards come from? Are
they based on emotions, reason, or some innate sense of
right and wrong? For many scientists, the key lies entirely in
biology—especially in darwinian theories of evolution and
self-preservation. But if evolution is a struggle for survival,
why are we still capable of altruism?
in his classic study The Expanding Circle, peter singer
argues that altruism began as a genetically based drive to
protect one’s kin and community members but has developed
into a consciously chosen ethic with an expanding circle
of moral concern. drawing on philosophy and evolutionary
psychology, he demonstrates that human ethics cannot be explained
by biology alone. rather, it is our capacity for reasoning
that makes moral progress possible. in a new afterword,
singer takes stock of his argument in light of recent research
on the evolution of morality.
I have produced nothing extraordinary here other than to take a few leanings from others and apply them to life as it makes meaning to me.

However as a CHURCH is often formed to explain the unknown and mystery of life.  I myself do not know the answer to what happens after life.  However if we are put through some form of eventual Judgement of our actions in life I suspect that it will based on the interactions that come about through the interactions and interrelationships of Me US and Them.

Just as a final little touch... I will borrow a little from the good book of Christianity that suggests in
John 14:6- “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
Well as you can see from my little diagram above... and or below...

You come to understand that you come to ME through interactions of US and THEM.

So may I implore YOU to interact with THEM and US with Compassion, Empathy and Morality...

For I am one of US and THEM to YOU!!!!

Just to also detail what I believe the #God to be in Shane's Church. I actually believe that all those items above are false and we are all one!
Eg the only thing real is energy.
That #God is the sum total of the energy available in the universe but in order to learn understand more of "Itself" smaller unit "Selves" were created. We experience and learn through as stated the interaction of Me, Us and Them. So when we pass or an ongoing basis we feed knowledge and experience back to the Universal energy of #God.

This is the only option that makes sense to me. Also explains the idea of #Buddism and many other religions of having a feeling of being "Connected" to Nature and the world, during such things as Meditation.

It is a bit "Out There" but so is the idea of a person having the ability to walk on water or be eaten by a whale!

Suppose the only time I will truly know is when I finally pass over!

Let's hope that is way into the future.

As there is life to experience. I hope I have shared a little goodness with YOU!

Bye for now!

Monday, 14 October 2013

#MISupport beyond #ISupport

If I remember correctly I finished the #ISupport project post with the words...

#ISupport with #MISupport...

I have to say at the outset that this post is unlikely really anything to do with #ISupport.  But rather what I hope to endeavor to undertake as part of my general experience or desires of this world.  Yes "some" of the items may be applicable but not all.

But #MISupport is as I see it a dynamic concept of shared support needs. As I am sure you are aware the MI is a sound play on the word MY which is can be about what MY (Your) support needs are but equally as was originally intended MI is about the support I the user of the term pledge to offer through their activities that they can do to support a good community! In support I pledge #MISupport to carry out my business of the world with a #NoHarmpolicy.

But to do this I feel we may actually need to explore a bit more explore things such as Ethics and Morals, and a shared understanding of what is good for all rather than just the Individual. To gain an understanding of the varied perceptions of Enlightment and the ideal support for all. Also I expect the exploration of Ethics and Morals allows to explore the motives of those who purposefully harm.

It is probably why I really loved this YouTube clip. Of 21st Century Enlightment.  A quote from the clip below states that:
21st century Enlightment should champion a more self aware, socially embedded, model of Autonomy.  That recognizes our Frailities and limitations"...

I liked the fact that the clip talked about evidence based spirituality. Where sceptism is welcomed as an opportunity for further exploration of the issues at hand.

It with this clip featured below that I welcome a discussion of spirituality and science where as a quote from the review of the Book that Smolin talks of below:
 Smolin asserts that current-day cosmology has hit a wall because physicists refuse to understand that physical laws must ‘evolve in a real time.’ Changing that perspective, he says, will revolutionize everything from string theory to the stock market. Although the distinctions in point of view aren’t always clear, Smolin makes an energetic case for a paradigm shift that could produce mind-boggling changes in the way we experience our world."Publishers Weekly

Now I am NOT able to understand the entire nature of these things BUT then again I find the statement made as part of the presentation above interesting.  That his message a shift in thinking of how we understand that taking on board a NEW appreciation of time and if it is true that physics and physical laws can evolve in the Moment to Moment Experience of Time where the future is not fixed but continually evolving.  It allows the thoughts that Natural Universe can in fact learn and evolve.

Smolin states that it allows for Novelty and Noval Phenomon to become a real possibility and how our imagination and creativity can allow us to invent our way out of problems that face us in our modern world. 

I find the above particularly interesting in the context of a book I am currently reading that is similar to "The Secret" that talks of our ability to Manifest our desires through the use of our thoughts and how this becomes part of the Collective Consciousness of the World at large in effect creating #miracles.

The Book is called "E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality"

Now I am generally considered a reasonable man and as above I search for a range of possibilities through looking at EVIDENCE.  It is this aspect that I love this book as it gives an enquiring mind the capacity to test the realities that are presented.  Having not Finished the book yet the Jury is still out.  BUT I welcome the capacity to manipulate my world with Thought...  Or Consciousness.

 I guess I speak of that which is above because I if I was to seek Enlightment now I search between relationships that I have with things around me and increasingly I am allowing my thoughts to be more Optimistic.

So as i stated earlier this post is not really related to the previous post of #ISupport BUt in fact in my own experience is.  As I would like to believe that the capacity to change our world is a reality!  For if change is not possible then to mean it would limit the meaning that can be grasped from the experience of this thing called LIFE.  If I do have the capacity to influence and change the world I for one would like the change to be POSITIVE!

So it is true that all this information may well be Crap!  But I Pledge #MISupport to endeavor to BE Positive, Optimistic, and create #Noharm with my Consciousness.  And if you the reader are able to undertake the same we may well be able to create a positive Change on the planet where the infinite possibilities that are discussed here come together to create a  even if all this talk of #Miracles is bull change for the better.

If you are interested and are open minded there is a range of people who are exploring the impact of the Collective Global Consciousness and how it affects the world at large.

Examples can be found here:

If it is possible through the Moment to Moment experience of TIME to create an opportunity for the Physical Laws to change through the interaction with the Collective Consciousness to create a better world that creates betterment for all then I pledge #MISupport and Consciousness to this end.  AND I ask will you?  OK it may well be Bullshit BUT thinking and creating HOPE, COMPASSION and MINDFULLNESS may just lead us to a place where more people are doing good and being good which has to be #GOOD4ALL

Friday, 26 July 2013

The #ISupport Project

Post under construction....

I have an idea related to Community Development. I have to admit that I may well be biting off more than I can chew as well as as I may be a raving lunatic to believe that Community and Community organisations can work together to achieve something good.

I have been "thinking" about this for a long while but I have been experimenting with the understanding of what it is that I want to achieve.

After attending a FREE conference today with some of the more interesting topics included:
  • a presentation that talked about Relationships, Power and Change- by 
  • A useful speech was from Australia Institute that discussed the Mining Boom and its effects on Community.  It was an interesting alternate look at the (Negative) Impact of Mining on our Local Community. Which posed a great question. "If mining is so great, why does it continue to have to advertise how great it is"! (but that is for another day...)
  • Also a discussion of the Sydney Alliance.  that is collection of businesses who a working together to strengthen our community. 
As part of the conference it was evident that the human services industry has traditionally been an industry that has real personal relationships with a number of people that you meet as you may move around the variety of organisations doing the variety of work that can be done within the Human Services Industry.
But as the goal of Community Development, at least as I see it, is getting the greatest number of people to play nice together while sharing information and understanding, with the hope, of creating change within individuals.

To allow people live with a little more #EASE and a little less #DISease.

In essence my overall goal or question would be:
  1. Can we engage a LOCAL community  through shared education and experience.
  2. Can positive change be created through a whole of community approach to education, and Leadership.
  3. Can we build a more resilient community that caters for the greater good.  Inclusive and understanding of the science of what it takes to Flourish!  
  4. Have an exploration of the strengths of a community through a a belief in "Appreciative Enquiry"
  5. Goals yet determined....
My intention may be made clear if I just add this:

#Tagdef = #ISupport - Things are better when people forget to DIS STUFF. 
I pledge MISupport to #...ABILITY!

If this idea was successful we would as I see it look the exploration of what makes a PERSON FLOURISH.

As stated above I would like us all to forget to DIS stuff..... We can forget a whole other range of DIS's in fact and not just disability which is the area that I have spent most of work life involved with.  Things that include  #...RESPECT #...APPOINTMENTS and a little bit more #...EASE. 
At the Core of the Project is the understanding that the best results from many things comes from working together and finding our commonalities rather than our differences.

I as you may have noted am a person who has worked within the community throughout my career, and I believe that Community is good but has room to allow positive change to occur. I think real change is only affected within our LOCAL Community. However as I indicated above once we understand and appreciate our COMMONALITIES we can then begin to see that our LOCAL issues may well be international issues.

I would like to see how a community that has been identified by a range of assessment as being disadvantaged (What ever that means) can work to harnessing its own strengths by a range of people from very different sources all working together.  From my personal perspective I have a number of  community contacts that exists within the Western Sydney Area of Sydney Australia.

  It is here that I am Targeting this message, but as some of you may realize there is opportunity to utilize these options elsewhere.

I would also like to engage the businesses and Local community into a shared #Support structure where Business can engage in greater input into skills training that can affect their business by directly working with local Community to drive employment and education support structures for a Diverse and Flourishing workplace. 

However this can come through a variety of ways and can be interpreted and delivered in many mediums and through many expressions:.


The ARTS and those things that are valued by how they develop ourselves as individuals.  Those things that remind us of our Humanity.  That affects us at our Emotional level.  That gives us the HOPE and creativity to dream of a better place.
The include the development of Culture and Personal and group development.
ART also has the ability to leave a lasting #PHYSICAL Legacy and reminder of the shared experience.  Eg Statue or Sculpture.
Even through the MOVIES can WE explore the many and varied characteristics of people and those things that develop Resilience as seen in Positive Psychology News Daily (PPND) that defines their Positive Psychology Movie Awards for 2012 -This is also an opportunity to have a local Cinema participate with the possibility of offering free entry to see these movies or a donation to the Project Objectives. #justanidea.

People involved in ART

A PHOTO VOICE Project with members of the community detailing the development of the Overall project and how it has changed and engaged the community and beyond. "Could be included as part of the overall project.  This could detail from a live and real community perspective say utilizing the:

"APPROPRIATE"- use of of the mobile camera!

I may have an advantage because I have already undertaken the Coursera Emotional Intelligence Course.  As it first ran from June and July 2013.... But at least in my tiny brain Business needs to come out and relearn the ART of meeting people!!!  As it is people that are also Reasonant leaders in their own right.  Also these people with LEADERSHIP skills should and are also the face of EVERYBODIES Businesses.

As stated above I have already undertaken Online Study through the website


I completed a course in Inspiring LEADERSHIP through Emotional Intelligence and It is through this course that I understand and appreciate...  The overwhelming information that came from this study is that Good resonant  Leadership (Leaders who you resonate with and are happy to be lead by) occurs when Leaders demonstrate COMPASSION, HOPE and practice MINDFULLNESS. 
PLUS those who are able to Demonstrate REASONANT Leadership also in a Business sense are more consistently able to deliver greater economic and team Building capacity within their organisations.


While speaking of HOPE, COMPASSION and MINDFULNESS from the perspective of the Human Services Industry these 3 things can have a great beneficial effect on those people who are experiencing disadvantage, disability, Mental Health, Anxiety and a range of other social and emotional challenges that present as a "#NEED4SUPPORT".

For those who are also regulars to my BLOG you also realize that I am very big advocate for the value of Positive Psychology,

As described by the Positive Psychology Centre this is described as:

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play.
For those who are not regular readers of what Positive Psychology is NOT it is NOT the promotion of Positivity in face of adversity and encouraging a life without negative emotions.  BUT when coupled with MINDFULNESS it does allow for the development and understanding of our Selves.

As stated in Positive Psychology centre some of the goals of Positive Psychology are to build a science that supports:
  1. Families and schools that allow children to flourish
  2. Workplaces that foster satisfaction and high productivity
  3. Communities that encourage civic engagement
  4. Therapists who identify and nurture their patients' strengths
  5. The teaching of Positive Psychology and resilience skills
  6. Dissemination of Positive Psychology and resilience training in organizations & communities
As is indicated above Positive Psychology has worked its way into Education and often referred to as Positive Education. Large portions (as I understand it) of POSITIVE EDUCATION looks to work through the individual development of people's character strengths.  These strengths can be defined by VIA Character Strengths.or other measures can be CAPP.  But at any rate it is looking at changing the lense through which we look at each other.  To recognise that we cannot do it all! We need to understand our strengths and work together utilising the strengths of others to fill the gap of weakness which allows for us to identify our support needs by what we are best at.

From an employment perspective it is my experience that employees who are matched accurately by their strengths significantly improves the match between employer and employee.

The interesting fact is that this introduction of Positive Education does not have to create a greater workload for the teacher but if we engage people in a way that is Compassionate and Positive you are going to gain better engagement.  It also means that you are able to better understanding of the child overall strengths while still acknowledging weaknesses.

Or as CAPP describes Strengths are ever changing and we: 
  • Marshall your Realised Strengths - use them appropriately for the situation;
  • Maximise your Unrealised Strengths - find opportunities to use them more - especially if they will help you achieve your goals;
  • Moderate your Learned Behaviours - don't use them too much, or you'll become drained and disengaged;
  • Minimise your Weaknesses - find ways to use them less or stop using them - especially by using strengths to compensate.


It appears also from an educational perspective that if Children are given training in activities that develop their Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) which the combination of Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, LEADERSHIP, Mindfulness, Hope, and Compassion does:
"that young people demonstrate significant benefits in Prosocial behaviours as well as a 28% rise in overall academic increases in unrelated studies as a reported by  CASEL.




So why put all these items together?

Well because the research and experience that I have read and experienced over time reinforces that we are all INTERCONNECTED.  Business can only be as good as its employees, which can only be as good as the states education system, which can only be as good as it is supported by the community and those who make the community what it is.

How can this be achieved? 

So what does the Project do overall? 

It gets all a bit big on me at times as to what I want to achieve and what I can achieve.
But it is expected that the community can get motivated and engaged behind a range of ideas that are talked about as being connected because they are but different people may be ready to see that at different times.

But it can be include a great many things but will depend on the resources that present themselves as the this project develops.

BUT Includes:

  • Emotional Intelligence and LEADERSHIP
Well The Course on Inspiring Leadership through Emotional intelligence is being repeated twice more.  firstly starting on the 28th OCTOBER 2013.  And again in 2014!

  • Positive Education is already underway and there are a number of resources immediately available including a WEBINAR that I was originally involved in.  seen here:

Also a number of schools already have such programs including:
Gellong Grammar School
Knox Grammar Sydney-

  • Mindfulness
Mindfulness has a growing body of evidence of  its positive effects, particularly with young people.  The idea can include the proliferation of knowledge about a recent APP I found:

"Smling Mind" APP- Mindfulness in Young People.   or Smiling Mind- Blog

  • Sport
The project would allow a perfect opportunity to engage a range of people into sport if the Project was able to hook into the understanding of the positive impacts that Physical activity can play towards delivering #wellbeing.

And regardless of the code that was wooing players to don the appropriate sports jersey. As long as people (Particularly young people at school. and (for the heads of the various codes) from a development perspective at the early years you just want kids gaining a level of coordination) are donning a jersey and particapating everyone should be happy.

But also if we focus on the development of the understanding of strengths and as seen as basic tenent of the exploration of positive psychology as well as the Coursera material that discusses the basic need for GREAT Reasonant leaders to undertake Mindfulness.

They also look at harnessing the strengths of themselves but also the strengths of those around them by creating and bringing alive a sense of vision.  BUT a vision that can be shared and developed by a greater and greater audience.  Allowing those people who have reached the top to talk about their range of strengths... And how they were developed and are allowed to flourish.

BUT at the same time our sports people show us that at the end of the day they are people and have support needs.  In fact to be at the elite level these days you are supported as an athlete by a great many people to get you to what you need to do week in week out.

But to a varying degree of frequency and strength they are people and as we all know as Sports people at times are also in need of  #Support.  For a variety of reasons, including, Gambling, Mental Health, Inappropriate aggression, and a range of other things considered under the term of #wellbeing.

  • ART
As above

  • Activities yet determined 
 Yet to be determined.

Everybody but more specifically,

People with #...ability who have a #support need!

IT is expected through increased understanding of "What are REASONABLE Adjustments are and how through increased access particularly related to IT "People with Support Need" #PWSN employment opportunities can be greater.

Through understanding and a sense of the "WHOLE" community engaging in questioning...

"What is right?, because we all cant be left....

But through greater awareness and engagement of Business, Community and Education it could be the perfect opportunity to have a community discussion about what is quality education with the implementation of the #Gonski reforms.

Support can BE:
  • It can be at a grass roots level in doing things like... "Walk with me" - (which is a community event for those that skipped the link)

In Australia the Landscape of the people with a Disability or PWSN is going to change SIGNIFICANTLY.  The NDIS and possible GONSKI review will in theory inject a large volume of capaital into the Australian Business and Education Economy and much of this money directly to service users thus effectively empowering them through an understanding that they are able to gain a greater level of control of expenditure and being a PURCHASER of goods and services- thus gaining economic value, in a society that is perceived to value only what you can contribute economically.  

PWD are going to gain a greater level of buying power for goods and services that BUSINESS should take notice of.

At this time of change is also (as I see it) the best time to implement such ideas of change when Government and other organisations will be determining how these changes will be implemented and we ask COULD the PROJECT be included as part of these changes?

In regard to the NDIS they sure as hell could be with some THOUGHT LEADERSHIP and Colaboration.  As it discusses the potential increases to the Australian Economic environment from incrased participation of PWD in the Community and the workforce.  For as I  understand it is said that from the perspective of the Productivity Commission the scheme could infact pay for itself in regard to increasing innovation and access for people of all people with so called "labels"- (AKA- JUDGEMENTS, People with Disability (PWD), Gay, Lesbian, CALD, Female, Dad, Brother, etc) and try to seek a society of inclusion.

And as all of the resources I have mentioned above are to the best of my knowledge FREE and part of the Public Domain. 

An Inclusive society to me is a society that supports ALL of its particapants which to date has not occurred as indicated for People with a Disability in the "Shut Out" report.  HOWEVER I am sure that for many specifics groups mentioned as labels above eg (AKA- JUDGEMENTS, PWD, Gay, Female, Dad, Brother, etc) there would likely be similar stories.

This Project also WORKS in a "healthy" population as well.  I mean this approach could and would  help people who are disadvantaged (what ever that means) but also assist everybody if we are able to work together through a shared understanding of "WHAT IS IN FOR THEM" and what they do and say with their actions and Leadership in the delivery of service to their customers in an ethically and econonocically sustainable way...


  • Engagement of Learning related to LEADERSHIP
  • The opportunity to participate in Community Education eg LEADERSHIP, Work readiness
  • Increased Profit through Community engagement and sharing of shared values of the GREATER GOOD.  See here: Virtuous organizations.
  • Increased student engagement through meaning and purpose.
  • deeased anti social behavior Increased prosocial behaviours.
  • Access to FREE online education.
  • Particapation in the ongoing development of LEADERSHIP
  • Increased understanding of Mindfulness
  • Increased Wellbeing
  • Increased Capacity

In effect if lots of people in a large enough area were included in a single portal for shared experience and education exchange would this create a positive social and economic increase.

AS the First lines above indicate this Post is still under construction.  Preparing for further thought and exploration of the possibilities....... So I have given myself memory joggers below to direct the further development.

But I have a bit of a mind map also...

So I am still in development if you would like to assist the facilitation of a little something (however small- for in reality the Project as a whole could always be made of a range of smaller projects that look to bring together the many aspects of items discussed above).

I would be interested in getting this concept off the ground.  So if you think you could be interested then please make comment below.

Also in response to a recent article about "LIKES" not actually doing anything this is a project that will require effort But it is believed that effort that is well worth while.  So comment below, think and maybe add something of your own or take the basis of this idea and implement the thinking within your community.

I will continue to construct and develop and share.

#ISupport with #MISupport through action and RESILIANCE!



Friday, 31 May 2013


A couple of rececent updates on my Social status were:
I say love, I say pet, I SAY SELF! There are OTHERS in here to think about! So I to MYSELF; SELF pull your fucking head in!!!

Followed slightly after by:

I wonders what the OTHERS think???

Probably had some relation to "Reasonably Reasonable Self" posted earlier.
It is all a curious question of what is all around us... SELF AND OTHERS.  

It actually appears to be the new thought front that most wars are based on. Our perception of OURSELVES and the created identity that decides many of the decisions that we undertake everyday.

The SELF decides who we hang out with based on what it decides of the people who are around us and how they affect us and they influence us to feel 

But I was once told that OTHERS. Do not actually have any power over us unless we give it to them.

Would appear that there is something to this but their are times that we need to accept that it is the OTHERS that influence us the most. 

From a perspective of the science of Flourishing and Positive Psychology 1 of the biggest determinants of "Happiness" is the quality of our relationships. The relationship we have with SELF and OTHERS.

We all hope for positive relationships but in order to know what is good we need to have good positive relationships modeled to us from an early age preferably but if not early as early as possible!

 But quite frankly many people do not or have not had this luxury that many of us take for granted. 

Which often effects the behaviour that they exhibit to us as a SELF when we meet them.

It would be ideal then that we when we SELVES are together being another's OTHER that we could appreciate that rather than condemning that person for their bad behaviour we could have as an "IDEAL" that we will do no further harm and seek to examine the behaviour as a manner of communication that although inappropriate allows us the opportunity to educate and and lead the person through exemplary modeled behaviour to see the capacity to APPRECIATE AND ACCEPT that their reality is limited by their experience and by meeting you who behaves in a manner of Compassion It is shown to be better for everybodies benifit.

If this was to be the ideal of the human condition we all actually would develop a greater capacity for emotional intelligence! Using the Broaden and Build model. These greater positive experiences allow us the capacity to develop greater skills for future positive behaviour!

Funnily enough as I recently stated I am undertaking in a free online course in Emotional Intelligence and Leasership and it makes good business sense to have good EI.

It reminds me a little of the TV series "LOST".  I started to watch it and was a fan but for some reason stopped before the end.  But Lost, was about OTHERS and the impact of another group on anothers.

I also remember it exploring issues to do with self and others BUT AS STATED I did not watch the conclusion.

Sh don't tell as I will one day!

As stated earlier it is the quality of the OTHERS who are around us that really makes the difference.

I was reminded of this tonight in speaking to one of great friends who I grew up with as little tacker. I recieved a call unexpectedly but welcomed as I was reminded of the quality that OTHERS can bring out in SELF. I won't go into the conversation other than to state I had a renewed vigor in my step and a improved feeling of strength.

Realistically I reflect on the post "reasonably reasonable SELF" with a renewed appreciation that in Truth it is the "OTHERS" who you associate yourSELF  with that defines and or brings about the greatest opportunity for success or failure in YOU!

If i was to give any advise it would be  reflect on the SELF you want to be and choose your OTHERS well that can help you be the SELF you want...

Love you all; All shapes sizes, and colours because I believe by loving YOU I am actually loving MYSELF and OTHERS!!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Reasonably Reasonable Self!

Good to see you here if this is your first time or whether this is you returning for another installment at the BLOG.  This post has been another that has been needing to brew for a big while to allow me the understanding of what I actually want to say as well as having a vague funny idea but lack the capacity to fully articulate it to people.

In Essence and cut to the chase I want in this post to suggest that I am a person who questions the self in many aspects of daily life!  I experience this as double edged sword at times at bringing about a sense of peace and calm as well as anxiety and fear. As I go on I have to say that I have a pertinacity add every more complex of layers upon the top of my questioning.

I am sure you are all aware of my writings on Jon Kabat Zinn and mindfulness but my recent undertakings have included activities within a fantastic learning environment that was facilitated by a Website  called Coursera...  This is a Learning Platform where you can undertake Learning of a University Standard free Online.  This allows you also to gain a Statement of Accomplishment.  ALL of this FREE!!

I am undertaking 

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
But a large chunk of the information I am learning about at the moment is related to Effective Resonant Leaders at the moment is that they are Mindful, Inspire and bring about HOPE, are genuine, have greater levels of "Emotional Intelligence" and "Social Intelligence" and LOOK AFTER THEMSELVES.

These articles: Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance and MINDFULNESS,HOPE and COMPASSION: A Leaders Roadmap to Renewal.describes in greater detail.  But a good leader actually does all of the things that I would advocate or at least I would hope my communication skills advocate for people to undertake within themselves as a general journey of inner discovery of peace seeking.

They speak of the need to gain a better balance between the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) the system that effectively controls our flight or flight response and our Parasympathetic Nervous system (PNS).  It is this system that slows our body and mind down.  It has also increasingly been shown to be the key driver of Neuro Regenosis or the creation of NEW Brain Cells is stimulated when we develop and work on our PNS and when we ave excessive stress we have inhibited Neurogenesis which is highly linked with Depression and Anxiety.

It appears also from an educational perspective that if Children are given training in activities that develop their Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) which is developed through ativation of our PNS that as a report put out by  That demonstrates significant benefits in Prosocial behaviours as well as a 28% rise in overall academic increases in unrelated studies.
But more and more it appears that Science Fiction and Science fact are coming closer and closer together to suggest such things as Extra Sensensory perception having a scientific basis.  For their being a greater amount of information that occurs within the area of Thought that scientists and psychologists would consider to be PREconscious thought. Particularly related to the messaging that is being completed within the SPOOKY areas of life.  Areas such Quantum Mechanics and Entanglement theory and other such scientific studies.

Almost as if our Conscious thought does have the capacity to affect and communicate with things around us in ways that that we are just to unaware to know at this stage.

At this stage it may well be useful to state that I recently watched the video below.  And although I am unaware how true all of it is there are definitely some truth and even if there is a untruth or two surely it is better to put good positive energies into the world.


I ponder this information though and look upon it with a greater responcibility to be aware of the SPOOKY ENERGY" I might be putting out there.  

With this in mind I have sought advise from one of the people who have pushed modernity into some understanding of these things as well as has been proved to be incorrect in others Albert Einstein.

Where he states that:
 Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.

I hope that my contribution to the mess of information on the everweb can be valued.  Even if it is by but a few.  And may well hope that it is only a few as I am unsure if I would know or cope with the idea of something that I had written to go Viral, just if I have any ideas that an extended mass of people would find this interesting.

But as stated at the very beginning I find myself contemplating "MYSELF".
I know that I am not alone when we look for example in the clip below.   Jon Kabat Zinn talks about Meditation, is cultivating intimacy with ourselves by being more aware of ourselves, ourselves that we are rather than what we perceive them to be.  He also eludes to our understandings are based the thousands of assumptions that are inherently hidden within the meanings and understandings that we all attribute to different language that is used in thinking about ourselves.

For I challenge you to form any understanding of yourself without using words and the many judgements and assumptions that are included in these.

I recently have moved to the blue mountains of Sydney and I am increasingly finding myself appreciate the manner in which my home space enriches my life.  It is like the house has a good energy.  Now I felt fine in my house previous to this but here it just feels different.  As if this place that I now reside has a higher level of "ENERGY" than others.

Have you ever felt that a place just feels different.  Not nesecarily good or bad but just more "in Tune" with you.

I do have to say though that it certainly feels good!

I suspect that this feeling is really about a "feeling" or perception of a greater connection to that which makes us feel whole.  Which as least for me is when I feel most connection with MYSELF.

It would really be about exploring ways for ALL of OURSELVES how can we gain a greater connection with the SELF...

I know what works for me on some level but maybe for you it is Religion, Science, or just a ACCEPTANCE that we are a finite entity that just becomes dust after we go.

But the man of Science Albert as stated above has this little word for us...

There is a quote by Albert Einstein that states:
"Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble."