Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Space and Place- a journey Faith and Experience

Dear all
It has been quite an extended period of time since my last Blog post.
Things have changed a significant amount for me within this period of time.

I have moved places of residents, I have quit my job, and generally simply gained a new place and space in the world.
It is significant to note how important that Place and Space play a role within the world and within your own HEADSPACE.
I have moved to live on the 3rd largest island of Australia.  That being Kangaroo Island.  3rd largest behind Tasmania in Tasmania , and Melville Island off the NT.
Kangaroo Island is full of natural Beauty and filled with exquisite Flora and Fauna.
This can be illustrated by this picture that was taken from front door during a Sun shower.
As you can see it has an uplifting theme of a Rainbow and really does detail how I feel about my current situation.

However to get to this place has not been easy.  It has taken a significant amount of Mental Dance for the want of a better word.  Many have since we moved stated that they are in awe of the step that we have taken and taken it rather than simply talked about making a change.
This has been a journey that has meant that myself and my wife have had to discuss the option of Loss.  particularly Financial Loss travelling into the uncertainty of a new Place leaving behind everything.  As we knew nobody on the island.
It is interesting having a discussion about Loss for i aware from previous training about Influence I am aware that human are often much concerned with what they may loose and holding on for dear life to what they have, rather than banking on what they may gain.
I am obviously no different.
I had many concerns and fears about the move BUT as stated in the title to get here I have ventured through a Space of belief and trusting in the Universe and also myself to brave that things will in the end work out.
I have also come to terms with the idea that in the end if things do not work out that I will be better for the experience, better to have lost and loved than to never have loved at all so to speak.
Obviously there is much that has not been discussed here and each and everyday is a journey in this new life but I travel on with faith.
Into the apparent darkness with FAITH not necessarily in Religion, God or any deeper issues that may been discussed in previous blog posts.
BUT faith that it will be OK.  Whatever happens.

For as long as I am breathing and upright with the ability to continue then all else is truly just knocked up to experience.

I guess this can be best demonstrated by a picture that was taken from my balcony that would normally overlook the Shoels Bay within the Island but in Dark reminded me of the view out of the Millenniel Falcon from Star Wars.

I continue to venture into the darkness of the unknown.  Open to the ever growing options that experience of life allows.

Go well traveller for experience lights the way.

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