Thursday, 5 July 2012


In recent weeks I attended a Reconciliation event at Parramatta Town Hall.  It was a great event where there were a number of items undertaken but one the items was the reading of a Play about Aboriginal Lady called Maria Locke and was read by current members of her family (or at least that is what I heard as the audio was shocking)  But the overall theme of the evening was "belonging".
There were a number of people of note there Mick Gooda was a presenter.

But rather than refer to the evening and or the event it prompts me to think of my own belonging and who, what where and who I identify as belonging to or with.

But in truth the most important place that I need to feel a belonging is to within. and to your self and what makes up that self.  But this to me does not actually feel right, in that I personally feel the most at peace and centred when I have a positive feeling about not only myself but that which is more than ourselves and having the feeling of Transcendence.

But it appears from a recent You Tube video that I watched recently from The TED series of Lectures is that we can transcendence in the binal and the mundane and within the aggression and horror of WAR.  Through greater collaboration with our fellow man.

Also if we seek out another science that I love Positive Psychology it states that those who are most connected to people in meaningful ways these are the people that have the greatest amount of Happiness or are Thriving more than others.

So it would appear to me at least the best way to find belonging can actually be about sharing our journey and stories through the mundane banality of our shared  experience of the human journey and their would of course be of greatest benifit for the whole if we are able to understand that it best to respect the overriding principle of human dignity and freedoms.

I may well be late but I noted that last couple of days the missing Higgs Boson has been found and how does this leave us in regard to the question of belonging.  Are we simply a mix of particles with a range of masses and forces that interact to allow us to have "Our Experience"?  In the theme of this post I appear to be referring to work of others and or other internet sources I refer to a very interesting Documentary where the link bewteen Science and the areas that are generally considered to the domain of religion meet and intersect.

The Movie is What the Bleep do we know.

It is refereshing that they can in this documentary allow the exploration of all without the resulting violence when other such topics intersect.  The key may be in our ability to self regulate our emotions which is a Human Strength as identified by VIA.

And just while I am sharing the my thoughts of really useful Media sources.  I would suggest A Century of SELF.        

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