Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hello and Welcome again to MYBlog

It has been a while since I first made connection with MYblog but with every new post I wonder who can we reasonably consider friends?  In the modern world of social media where we all wish to create a following I wonder do we stop and wonder about the quality of our relationships that occur as part of this medium.

With that in mind I say "Welcome to my quilt of connection!". 

Meaning thanks for reading along up to now from wherever you came to read this. Through links on Social media or direct through some google search. For I guess if I have been able to get you to read to here then can we be considered friends? I say with a question mark, but clearly at least in my eyes I can not assume the mantle that you are my friends because I dont trust that easy.

I note that the tone of the post is one of first person.  I originally was going to make an effort to hide myself from the viewers of this, but clearly as it is linked to other social media this can only be a consider that privacy will prevail.

So speaking of social media do you ever test the quality of "friends" that you have?  Are you aware of the differing complexities of the interactions.  Do you care?   Do you air your dirty laundry on the internet?

I am an avid user of social media as I understand the value of living a connected life.But at the same time I am a person who generally takes a long time to trust others. May well be the result of some undisclosed life trauma... but I am choosing more and more lately to value a growing body of evidence of the benefits of positive psychology and the value of utilizing my strengths rather than focusing on my weaknesses.

If you are interested in this and how it can be used for children and parents of school aged people see this webinar that I had a hand in making.

Valuable information.

I understand my own value but I often reflect on the expression of myself that is portrayed to others through this social media platform.

I know when I ask this question that people will judge me on grammar sentence structure and/or other issues that I may have a writer but I choose to use this particular medium as a varied and free flowing capacity.

This is true of the age of myself and the education that I gained.  I was going through school during the time that the good heads were suggesting that we should be encouraged to write with freedom and gramar would be something that I guess they believed we would just inhale through the fumes of our writing.  Which I know full well is a crock.

Within my own social media presence I find value in having a wealth of connections. But the quantity cannot be outweighed by quality because at the end the day we need to have solid connections with people in order to survive.  This is why I ask this question of people who add me as friends on some platforms...

 "What was it about my profile that you found value in adding me to your list of contacts?"

 This is to attempt to deepen the quality of contact.

Anyway I have raved on enough! Please feel free to have little rave back at me....

After all if I am to have a voice and to speak with Authority we are wise to be silent and listen to those who wanting to be heard!!!!!

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