Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Economics of People meeting people....

I started the evening out tonight just chillin really...
I was playing Fifa 2012 on my iphone and watching TV.  When on the TV comes on

Joanna Lumley's Greek Odyssey

Series FINAL!

and the thing that struck me was the Mayor of a City called 
 was looking at renting abandoned stores to Artists of all kinds so that they had a space to trade but at the same making it a stipulation that they needed to organise their own events to attract people.  Then as the people come this drives economics of actually having people gather.  But although they gather and this drives happiness.  However before I talk about Happiness.  Part of the journey tonight was related to the myself thinking of Greece's Economic problems and although I am by no means a Economic Genius but I if we were travelling (as in the Tourisn industry is going) then you could definately market HISTORY as an attraction if you can bring the relevance of it to the present.  Eg in the story above by Joanna Lumley's story she talked of drinking from the creek of inspiration.  Now I certainly could do with a little bit of inspiration. 

So onward through the journey.  I try and google the exact phrase "the economics of history" but get half way through and get distracted by my favourite topic at the moment Happiness. Up in the predictive text comes that phrase "The economics of happiness".  So I get distracted and end up here.  A website about this exact topic. 

"The economics of happiness"   and then along to the TED X and the New OLD idea of #LOCALisNATION actually it was meant to be localization but this has a better ring to it and it goes quite well with the ideals of the presentation given on the Happiness Economics site that Local is the best way forward for the economy.  However the problem with tis idea is that we are "Living" on much of our best arable land.  Which of itself creates a problem in the future challenges of feeding the nation.

However as a person who tries to promote a balanced argument as long it is mine there is space that is available to the community if we were able to work together and could well generate a small local economy or at least an economy of allowing others to gather and share space.

What if this space could be made available for disadvantaged families to grow their own food.

Although their are significant challenges to getting this achieved it is possible.  But it must rely on creative thought. and well I am aware that I have not broken my Blog up lately with a pretty picture or other such item so I could well see this as the best place for my Favourite TED speech which is by now famous throughout people mostly within education circles but I am well sure it has gone out wider than that now.  But Sir Ken Robertson on Creativity OUT of schools.


Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity


And if I come back full circle the thing that we require is creativity  but we may well be creating a community full of "Stupidy" as seen by the BBC Documentary about this exact this topic STUPIDITY.

The writing of this blog does appear to be a Journey a Journey of the meandering mind. a story of my mind flipping from story to story and one piece of information to the other.  BUT I suppose the true thing is that MOST people would probably not really be interested in what I would like to talk about.

And funnily enough this is the one of the first sentences of This.  

Clifford Stoll: 18 minutes with an agile mind 

I am Grateful for this man's creativity was not taken away simply because he has an agile mind.  I see that we all have a responsibility to allow us to develop ourselves through the use of our STRENGTHS and to have the capacity to utilize our strengths everyday to the best and have the creative mind to see the potential in everything and EVERYBODY!

 And I would suggest that the last word belongs to Clifford which is how he ends the talk about:

So, this time I’d like to tell you the words inscribed on Hays Tower’s bell: “All truth is one, in this light. May science and religion endeavor here for the steady evolution of mankind, from darkness to light, from narrowness to broad-mindedness, from prejudice to tolerance. It is the voice of life, which calls us to come and learn.”

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