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The Devil is in the detail.

As described in previous Blog I believe that there is room for the changing of the flag of The Nations of Australia.  However in previous posts I had not given any real reasons for how I came to the idea of the design.

So hence forth I go and detail the working of my mind.  Or as well as I can consciously do this.

The Changing of the Flag of Australia/ Or the creation of a flag of reconcilaition

Here are my views for the justification or explanation of the proposal to change the flag of Both Australia and of the People of the First peoples of the Nations of Australia.
The proposal to change the flag is an individual process of change throughout time that was prompted by the work of me as well as the interest that I have in the Aboriginal people.
The process of change was prompted by the listening to and the reading of a speech given by Kerry Arabena at both the Annual Charles Perkins Oration where she described the platform of the New Congress of Australias first peoples.  Also a subsequent speech that I read that was also delivered by Kerry Arabena titled. “Using Science to Reframe the reconciliation debate” found here

It is believed that to have true reconciliation there needs to be a movement that is driven not as a element of Race relations but rather from the perspective of our shared journey of Humanity. Inviting ourselves to seek the similarities within us all instead of focusing on the difference’s.

However as a statement of moving forward we also require the acknowledgement of the past and the present in order to fully reconcile into the future.

It is with in mind that I write this proposal for the amendement of the Flags of Australia.  Under Section 5 of the Flags Act.

The meaning and justification of the design of the proposed flag.
In the vein of the Past and present becoming one the flowing is given as the meaning of the original Aboriginal Flag current exists as an Official Flag of Australia as set out in 5 of the Flags Act in 1995.
It was given as meaning from the source
That each part of the flag has an individual meaning.
Symbolic Meaning
The symbolic meaning of the flag colours (as stated by Mr Harold Thomas) are:
  • Black: Represents the Aboriginal people of Australia
  • Red: Represents the red earth, the red ochre and a spiritual relation to the land
  • Yellow: Represents the Sun, the giver of life and protector
Hence the meaning of the flag that is present within the proposal remains the same and has the same significants to all as set out by Harold Thomas.

However I as a white Asutralian wish to Acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and Elders both past and present.  But also wish to express a great sorrow at the treatment of the First peoples throughout the history of the Nation of Australia.
The white circle is the left hand quater of the proposed flag has two representations.
1.      One and more positively it represents the Moon and the process of day falling to night and darkness however within the darkness of the moon there is a great capacity for healing and deep reflection that can often be representated by the Moon.   Also the moon takes her place on the flag as the balance to the sun.  As represented in the original symbolism of theAboriginal Flag as designed by Harold Thomas.
2.       But the white circle also is representative of the reason for the apology that was given in the Australian parliament on 13th of February 2008 by the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.  This justification is the reminder that the stain of invasion/ settlement has had on the first people’s of the Nations of Australia.  That throughout the history of the occupation of the land the Government has had a systematic and organised process of non acknowgelegment and disempowerment throughout this time.
a.       This systematic disempowerment can be observed through the official government policies of:
                                                               i.      The original premis of Terra Nullius (land of no one)
                                                             ii.      Protection
                                                            iii.      Assimilation
                                                           iv.      Integration
                                                             v.      Self determination
                                                           vi.      Multi Culturism
                                                          vii.      The varying experiences of the stolen generation
                                                        viii.      Throughout many of these policies the First peoples of the Nations of Australia were notin strictly legal terms in existence.
                                                           ix.      And this leads to where we are today in regard the policy of reconciliation.
b.      But to understand this there is a great body of work to be within the area of Reconciliation has work done there is still work to do as indicated in the forward and in the reference to the speeches listed above.
c.       As there in Australia the unacknowledged understanding that Australia had a WHITE Australia policy that was officially still an ACT of Parliment up until the year 1973.  Although the History and practise of the White Autralia Policy was primarily economic and based around the restrictive practises for immagrants coming into Australia.  It is worth noting that as a historical practise of Australia that although we have an idealic life we also have a history that needs reconciliation by all.
d.      Also that we still have RACE powers within the current Australian Constitution that is the basis of the rule of LAW within our country.
We do however look and seek to go forth into the future with attitude of equality and positivity and hence it is seen that we draw more from the image of the healing power of the moon as the statement rather than the stain but to acknowledge the hurt and pain is a required action.

The inclusion of the Southern cross in the flag (although it is expected that the next flag would have the southern Cross with a combination of 4 seven pointed starts and  as set out in the Flags Act 1954 as indicated below.
Table B—Stars of the Southern Cross

Position of Centre
Outer Diameter
Inner Diameter
The fractions are fractions of
width of flag
In fractions of outer diameter
Alpha Crucis
On middle line, one‑sixth from bottom edge
Beta Crucis
One‑quarter from middle line, at right angles on left to a point on middle line one‑sixteenth above centre of fly
Gamma Crucis
On middle line one‑sixth from top edge
Delta Crucis
Two‑ninths from middle line at right angles on right to a point one‑fifteenth above a point on middle line one‑sixteenth above centre of fly
Epsilon Crucis
One‑tenth from middle line at right angles on right to a point on middle line one twenty‑fourth below centre of fly

That we draw again from the current Australian Flag that has as a significant emotional significance to that of the people of Australia.  To acknowledge change but proposed that we seek again the positives of the current state of affairs that the southern cross works for a wide variety of people.

Also it is acknowledged that the significance of the Southern Cross in the History of Australia is exemplified by the historical context on which it is set such as indicated by.

More examples of equality for all races came in revolutionary ideals of the 1850s. At the 1854 Eureka rebellion, Raffaelo Carboni, an Italian migrant, called on the crowd,
"irrespective of nationality, religion and colour", to salute the Southern Cross as the "refuge of all the oppressed from all the countries on earth".

My own belief is that it is this statement that Australia can be seen as a refuge from many of the struggles that have plagued other areas and nations over time and we can truly embrace the concept of Reconcilitation with not only the First peoples of the Nations of Australia.  But with all people who choose to now to call Australia Home as indicated by the little known 2nd verse of the Autralian Anthem.

For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve boundless plains to share;
With courage let us all combine.
To Advance Australia Fair.

And have a true reconciliation with all for all.

This all all may seem to be symbolic and In presenting this information I have been told that Symbolism will get nothing changed however I see that it is Symbolism that is the key point that is required as Symbolism when undertaken in the right way can speak to more than head but to the heart and mind and spirit of a great many people.  I see that this is what has the capacity to move people to create a great within themselves and thus working from the premise that in order to improve that which outside of us we first need to create an environment “WITHIN OURSELVES” to allow that change to permeate through us and into those around us.

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