Monday, 5 September 2016


As per usual I have just been undertaking some random thinking.
And I was thinking about Civilisation and I sort of think of think that some of our issues as #Humanity is that we had gotten ourselves into a situation where we have forgotten to live in the moment.
Because "In the Wild" if you do not fully live in the moment then you become someone's dinner!
So we do what needs to be done for survival and then we appreciate the finite moments where we perceive safety.
And these moments we are grateful and appreciate them!
However now we have an almost insatiable desire to consume. It is even the measure of a flourishing economy.
And as such we need to "work" and become stressed by our's and others expectations of us and as "most" if not all of us have the inner demons that say we are not good enough.
So we despair!

Maybe this could be why #Mindfulness works is because it reminds us that we need to stop and reflect on our true importance!

So remember all, you like me am Important and get out in nature regularly to remember that there are real beasts out out there can eat you far better than your Boss may attempt. Unless of course she/ he is a good- great leader!
That is all!

Short sharp thoughts... However I would welcome ppl leave their own thoughts.

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