Friday, 31 May 2013


A couple of rececent updates on my Social status were:
I say love, I say pet, I SAY SELF! There are OTHERS in here to think about! So I to MYSELF; SELF pull your fucking head in!!!

Followed slightly after by:

I wonders what the OTHERS think???

Probably had some relation to "Reasonably Reasonable Self" posted earlier.
It is all a curious question of what is all around us... SELF AND OTHERS.  

It actually appears to be the new thought front that most wars are based on. Our perception of OURSELVES and the created identity that decides many of the decisions that we undertake everyday.

The SELF decides who we hang out with based on what it decides of the people who are around us and how they affect us and they influence us to feel 

But I was once told that OTHERS. Do not actually have any power over us unless we give it to them.

Would appear that there is something to this but their are times that we need to accept that it is the OTHERS that influence us the most. 

From a perspective of the science of Flourishing and Positive Psychology 1 of the biggest determinants of "Happiness" is the quality of our relationships. The relationship we have with SELF and OTHERS.

We all hope for positive relationships but in order to know what is good we need to have good positive relationships modeled to us from an early age preferably but if not early as early as possible!

 But quite frankly many people do not or have not had this luxury that many of us take for granted. 

Which often effects the behaviour that they exhibit to us as a SELF when we meet them.

It would be ideal then that we when we SELVES are together being another's OTHER that we could appreciate that rather than condemning that person for their bad behaviour we could have as an "IDEAL" that we will do no further harm and seek to examine the behaviour as a manner of communication that although inappropriate allows us the opportunity to educate and and lead the person through exemplary modeled behaviour to see the capacity to APPRECIATE AND ACCEPT that their reality is limited by their experience and by meeting you who behaves in a manner of Compassion It is shown to be better for everybodies benifit.

If this was to be the ideal of the human condition we all actually would develop a greater capacity for emotional intelligence! Using the Broaden and Build model. These greater positive experiences allow us the capacity to develop greater skills for future positive behaviour!

Funnily enough as I recently stated I am undertaking in a free online course in Emotional Intelligence and Leasership and it makes good business sense to have good EI.

It reminds me a little of the TV series "LOST".  I started to watch it and was a fan but for some reason stopped before the end.  But Lost, was about OTHERS and the impact of another group on anothers.

I also remember it exploring issues to do with self and others BUT AS STATED I did not watch the conclusion.

Sh don't tell as I will one day!

As stated earlier it is the quality of the OTHERS who are around us that really makes the difference.

I was reminded of this tonight in speaking to one of great friends who I grew up with as little tacker. I recieved a call unexpectedly but welcomed as I was reminded of the quality that OTHERS can bring out in SELF. I won't go into the conversation other than to state I had a renewed vigor in my step and a improved feeling of strength.

Realistically I reflect on the post "reasonably reasonable SELF" with a renewed appreciation that in Truth it is the "OTHERS" who you associate yourSELF  with that defines and or brings about the greatest opportunity for success or failure in YOU!

If i was to give any advise it would be  reflect on the SELF you want to be and choose your OTHERS well that can help you be the SELF you want...

Love you all; All shapes sizes, and colours because I believe by loving YOU I am actually loving MYSELF and OTHERS!!!

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