Thursday, 8 November 2012

In the Company of Strength!

I write this Blog Post in direct response to thoughts that I have been having of previous post. Healing a Vital Component. #Incrowd.

My thoughts were, of how I felt I may have portrayed the Culture of The First Peoples of The NATIONS of AUSTRALIA.

I felt that it may have been somewhat paternalistically or calling it as it could be percieved "racist".  Although ultimately I would like to think that I am without err in regard to the ism's (Racism, Sexism, Fascism for example) particularly in the field I work in.  BUT I am human.... And to be HUMAN is err.  But also to have the humanity to understand that it is our ability to show passion and love regardless of the faults that you yourself may have or for that matter the faults of others but to love people for and dispite these faults.

I am also a product of the environment that I grew within as we all are.  I having parents who had experienced great moments of upheaval and the associated propaganda that allows people to demonise another "Different Group". For example Germans as Pigs, Vietnamese as   A good example of how Propaganda can be used to fuel a war against another nation and the very same progabda fuels the war between our selves unless we CHOOSE a a new voice to listen to in order to gain a balanced view on the world.

For some examples and further exploration have a look here...

For I feel that to appreciate the fraility of the true human condition is the biggest err that we can all take.

To know that each and everyone of us is a blink away from being the victim of an ISM. This could come from the acquisition of a Disability or other disadvantage through something as simple as a car accident....

I as stated work in the Human Services Industry.  And I have observed the change that an accident can have on a person.  Where there life transforms into something new.  And the turmoil that they go through to settle with an understanding that the NEW life is different and move forward.  But I have also discussed with the person the Discrimination that that the person has also gained as a result of the changed circumstance.

But their is also a difference in that people with an acquired disadvantage are generally treated differently than those who have an Inherent difference to (making it personal) "me" and in the context of a community "us" and if an entity feels that discrimination then it is "them".    

I used the Suffix ISM deliberatly above knowing I would bring this in later in the post.  But I acknowledge I may have times in the past and future where I err.  And may directly or indirectly offend another!  It is ongoing and repeated behaviour that I look at when making a decision on the value of a persons behaviour.  For in order to become an ISM under the Definition given @


used to form nouns which describe social, political or religious beliefs, studies or ways of behaving
an example of typical behaviour
That expression was a real Taylor-ism (= an example of behaving or speaking like Taylor).

So I may err but I am big enough to admit that and apolagise when required!  Those who I struggle to give value to their displayed behaviour is when this behaviour develops into a ongoing pattern.

However as stated earlier it is through ability to show and express LOVE where we gain the most benifit.

I may well be loosly weaving a common thread throughout this post but I wish to state that although I may have ideas for the reconcilaiation with our fellow Neighbours both here and abroad it can only create great change through the coming together of all through LOVE and STRENGTH.

I say STRENGTH as from my experience it takes a great deal more strength of character and personal control to demonstrate peace and Love to a range of people than to go with more hurtful emotions.  For the purpose of example I ask you to think of a time when you were angry and I mean really angry and just wanted to hit somebody.  It takes much more use of the FRONTAL LOBE of the brain to demonstrate self control than it does to lash out and hit.

So if WE or any other group wish to demonstrate true STRENGTH Strength associated with a PEACEFUL WARRIOR.  It would be my advise to try on the strength of HEALING and HEALING Through STRENGTH.

Now to bring the post to the final point I did not wish to portray the community of The First Peoples of the NATIONS of AUSTRALIA as weak or in need of paternalistic blah blah.  For Healing as demonstrated from the forum I attended and through the growing movement of healing from within is occuring already and there are leaders who are undertaking the work that is required.

I have also observed this for myself through organisations such as GAMARADA but also through the development of Cultural days where people from many cultures come together and share there stories which develops an understanding of the very nature of difference.  There are I am sure a great many more opportunities to see STRENGTH as well as WEAKNESS as both exists within equal measure across "OUR" community of The NATIONS of AUSTRALIA and beyond!

In writing the above I found the quote from the propaganda site above interesting.

The propaganda campaigns of the 20th C., especially those concerning war, have contributed to a growing understanding that the people are not always the same as the nation, and that history is contested territory.
Interesting in the context of the issue's of The First Peoples of The NATIONS of AUSTRALIA as if you look at the very last words state that History being the history of war is contested over contested territory.  That this proud strong culture was invaded without a true and proper declaration of WAR.

AND it was a WAR as their was significant and often overlooked and many largely untold stories of Great resistance and conflict took place until the European diseases desimated the The First Peoples of the NATIONS of AUSTRALIA. and that resistance was overrun.

It is through the sharing of both sides of the WAR message that we are truly able then to understand the greater complexity that occurs in the threatre of war.
SO it is my hope that I have made my position clear.  That STRENGTH is all around us and we find it even in areas that we least expect it.

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