Monday, 5 November 2012

Healing a Vital Component!

I went to a recent event event that was arranged by GAMARADA titled "Healing and Holistic Health Care" that I heard the term Lateral Violence and to gain an insight into what this is See here--> for I admit I had to look it up when I first heard it.

But it accurately described activity that I have observed within the time that I have been working to engage the community in a variety of jobs that I have undertaken (and I dont even really feel that I have been all that good at achieving inroads) but anyway I have thinking about this meeting since leaving as it raised a raft of questions.  BUT it also struck a cord as a number of Men who have particapated in the GAMARADA Mens Group have had their lives turned around through the interactions with other Men in this structured healing space that allows Men to guide other Men in how to be better Men!

Men that are strong in Spirit and turn away from Violence and Self Harm.  I was particularly moved by one man who adequately desribed the feeling that I believe CAN BE universally understood even by the 'Happiest' of people.  That feeling in the PIT of your stomach that just aches.   It can described in a number of ways not the least through a cartoon by Leunig

This Cartoon actually describes the responce that this man has had in his life since being involved in the Mens Group Healing at GAMARADA.  He now views life differently he sees value in the everyday and turns his life around treating more than just the symptom of the pain such as substance abuse but also reigniting his connection to culture and spirit of his strong people.

This forum sparks much thought within me as I believe (as stated) that we can all share in the experience of hurt and pain that another has inflicted upon us.  IT mis likely not as difficult as some tragic stories of peoples lives that I have heard both within and outside of the "First Peoples of The NATIONS of AUSTRALIA'.

I felt a connection through the sharing of his experience and how I may be able to relate that in some way to experience that I have had.  I have definately felt the deep emptiness of the pit of your stomach.

I have been given the challenge (to which I have accepted) to try and view things from a more positive view point.  So in this manner I looked towards solutions to this feeling and I realised that the time that I do not experience this feeling as much is when I am surrounded by people that I love and who love me.

So it is actually through the sharing of love and the experience of life that we are lifted above our mundane selves to a greater level of existance.  Which is as I read on the growing body of evidence from the realm of Positive Psychology that has proved we need people in order to be happy.  AND we are actually happier as a group and as an individual when we give our selves positively to things that we know are good!!!!!!

Which actually is what was suggested at the Forum that their is a growing movement of Lateral LOVE!!!

So to this I say Share the love and bring on Community Driven Healing.

So go on Share the love. And HUG A Brother today!!!!

Men who love Love with SPIRIT and Strong and demonstrate elements of the PEACEFUL WARRIOR within!!!!

For you just may need to be in this fight for the long HAUL!!!!!!

See below.

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