Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Dear all
For all those who are regular readers of this Blog (and by the current stats of those who do view this there are not many, however) you would know that I am a self taught (at this stage) student of all things positive Psychology.

And today I recieved my regular update from Positive Psychology News Daily (PPND) I find this often inspiring and generally useful for the work that I do (at least when I am working).  In the latest installment titled "You Mattered Chris" the story relates to a a person by the name of Dr Chris Peterson formally of Michagan University.  This person died not but 2 days ago on the 9th of October 2012.  Not that remarkable as people die and people are born all the time but the reason that I feel compelled to write about this man is that it is obvious from reading just a few stories about him that he was a influential person to a range of people.  He was also partly impactful to myself through the stories that he wrote  not but 5 days before he past away.  The story is written in his Blog:

The Good Life

Positive psychology and what makes life worth living.

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