Tuesday, 2 October 2012

ANGER, Life and its emotional rollercoaster.

Anger an Emotion that appears to be in the news at present.

I watch the news at present and see that this emotion appears to be wide spread and everywhere from the dispute and anger over differing religions and particularly the issue of the "Innocence of Muslims" BUT I am NOT here to talk about this issue but rather the emotion of its own self.

The Emotion of ANGER as I am sure we all could is one of the most difficult emotion's to deal with "IN THE MOMENT".  In that heated moment there can be times when all reasonable thought goes out the window and after you have "behaved" one can look back at the disatrous way that "we" dealt with it.

The difficulty for me comes not in the understanding of its source for with some thought I am able to remove myself from this and reflect. From this reflection I am generally able to understand and appreciate the reasons for the anger's presence as well as what drives it.

However the times where I have managed my anger well and there are many of these times may I say. I have found the key is doing a range of work outside of the “moment”.  It sounds like common sense really, but there have been times before where this was not as readily known by myself.

It was once explained to me that where we are in regard to our baseline level of agitation and anger can be described on a scale of 1 – 10 or other such scale if you baseline at say 7 then when “we” experience any event or stimulace that triggers annoyance or frustration then if it assumed that “we” explode when we are at 10 then “we” only have 3 points of difference between our baseline of 7 and 10 explosion to work between. However if through a variety of strategies we can lower our baseline then we effectively have a greater number of units of distress to work with before we explode. Hence why I suggest and I sure that others wouold see the time outside of the moment is a key point to work on in regard to getting a handle on “our” anger.

I have attended training as a human service worker in the resolution of conflict and generally would suggest that I am, without being arrogant better than average at this undertaking for others and de-escalating personal emotions for people so as they can gain perspective.

BUT what about for myself?  Well I have to admit that I could do better on occasions, as I am sure we can all state that we can do better. I suppose this is why the concept of ongoing continuous improvement is raised as we all can strive for the betterment of ourselves. This is Mantra as a person to strive for the betterment of myself. This better is to allow me the perspective for which to see the range of other emotions that often lurch behind the seedy red flags that are thrown up as a result of this emotion.

Now I ask myself at this point why do I feel the need to write this over the net to all who may visit?  Well it comes back to the point I made originally when I started writing this Blog and what I want to say.  This was that I wish to " I hope to be true to my own self and the views that are held true for me."

I have to admit that I started writing thius post when I was in the middle of being angry and in the ideal of honest open discussions if I hope to influence the world and if through the exposure of my journey's through I can contribute to or create a message that somebody (even if that somebody is simply myself) can greate a change or create meaning or the point of reflection for another then the post has and will continue to be useful.
However as Micheal Jackson states in the clip "Man in the Mirror"  the only person I can truly change (if we in fact have free will -but that is another entire thesis of thought there) is myself and in order to view myself I have found this writing to unknown audience to be quite useful. 

This Blogging as a side line issue allowed me to reflect on my writing style and allowed me to recognise that I need to improve the manner in which I write and from a recent Blog from another of my interests Blogging has been shown to improve people's writing. This can be evidenced here The article talks of Quad Blogging where teachers work with other teachers to allow their students to jointly blog with other classes.  The article states that childrens writing skills from partication in the blog can improve by up to 60% quite astounding really.

Anyway a little off topic here.

But I have found this writing to be useful from a personal perspective so hence I continue.

I may well as I stated earlier be writing simply to myself but if "YOU" have gotten to here then I am sharing with you.

Feel free to share your thoughts on your own journey with the emotion of ANGER.  Let me know how you have taken time to lower your baseline or any other option that you wish to share.

I was very accutely aware that YES I spoke about ANGER throughout the post here but did I speak of the roller coaster of our emotional journey throughout the post I am unsure.  But for this perspective I feel that I could go on and on without any "REAL" sense of where I am, where I want to go, and how to get there.  So I it appears appropriate for me to pass this over to the words and thoughts of others and another way of doing this comes through the exploration of the thoughts and ideas of a MOVIE that I truly love.  "The MATRIX"  This movie takes up on a journey through our emotions, our life and ultimately questions the basis of what is real....

So if you wish to go through a journey using the movie and having this movie explained using many thought ideas and  concepts then I suggest that you start the journey by utilising another of the modern world items of YOU TUBE and go here....where you will experience the "

Philosophy and the Matrix: Return to the Source [FULL DOCUMENTARY]"

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