Friday, 7 September 2012

Emotions and behaviour

Dear all
I find myself writing from the Sydney Airport as I prepare to travel to Timor Leste to participate in the Tour De Timor I am excited to be doing this event but as stated earlier I can have issues around Anxiety.

As stated I am excited but at the same time I find that I am experiencing a significant amount of Anxiety which is manifest as an impending sense of DOOM.

So here is where the title of this entry comes in... Throughout my life I have often experienced this feeling but as a Sentiant being with a perception of free will I am faced with the choice to give in to the fear of the unknown or take on the challenge of fear and walk tall in the face of it.

As I am at the Airport it is obvious that on this occasion I am walking through it. Actually writing and discussing the feelings actually allow them to dissipate for me.

But in beginning to write this entry I reflect on my understanding of the Dragon.... It has been stated in stories within the fantasy genre that the Dragon is aware of the exact time and date of its Passover into the afterlife! I reflect on this with the thoughts of if I knew my end would you avoid participating in the activities that would bring you to that end? Or as in the movie Final Destination! Can you actually avoid the track of your life.

I for one am well enough to imply a range of strategies to quiet my mind at least for now on the idea that the future is unknown and I desire to live a full life without allowing fear to be my master.

I suppose in regard to the purpose of this blog I started it as a way of communicating to myself but also communicating with others who desire to read these musings.

So with that in mind I guess I would do well to discuss some of the strategies that work for me.

As you may well already know I have worked within the Human Services industry for last 20+ years so it would be safe to say that I am well educated in measures of resilience but I the areas that I have found helpful to include such items as ACT and in particular I found the book Happiness Trap written by Dr Russ Harris to be effective.

Well my flight is being called to board which raises the SUDS (subjective units of distress) so I go now to line up and again employ the range of strategies to guide and quiet my mind and I shall see you on the otherside (of Australia)

Fair well for now!!!

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