Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I just want to let you all know I am blessed to have such great friends! I am beginning to realise that all else apart from good friends is a means to fill in the "HOURS" because fuck I am busy arn't you!!!!


Are you busy? Why is it they say if want something give it a busy person?

What is "busy" Is busy bullshit?

Busy we are all doing it. It is almost the first thing can be expected to be heard when you speak to someone.

Why do we wear this badge like stripes. Almost as if if u are not busy u r the next for the gun by the boss.

When did the power shift away from lets get the job done in the field so we can get back and share time with loved ones.

In your organisation how are loved?

Does your organisation live a virtuous entitlement?

And to live a virtuous life research suggests that companies who employ virtuous practices are more profitable even in times of economic downturn.
See here: and or more specifically here->

So next time you see a friend all close up and shit!! Eg for the lowest common denominator. Not not over the Internet.

Say hi "I love you"!

Here is to the theme of love!!!!!



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