Monday, 14 October 2013

#MISupport beyond #ISupport

If I remember correctly I finished the #ISupport project post with the words...

#ISupport with #MISupport...

I have to say at the outset that this post is unlikely really anything to do with #ISupport.  But rather what I hope to endeavor to undertake as part of my general experience or desires of this world.  Yes "some" of the items may be applicable but not all.

But #MISupport is as I see it a dynamic concept of shared support needs. As I am sure you are aware the MI is a sound play on the word MY which is can be about what MY (Your) support needs are but equally as was originally intended MI is about the support I the user of the term pledge to offer through their activities that they can do to support a good community! In support I pledge #MISupport to carry out my business of the world with a #NoHarmpolicy.

But to do this I feel we may actually need to explore a bit more explore things such as Ethics and Morals, and a shared understanding of what is good for all rather than just the Individual. To gain an understanding of the varied perceptions of Enlightment and the ideal support for all. Also I expect the exploration of Ethics and Morals allows to explore the motives of those who purposefully harm.

It is probably why I really loved this YouTube clip. Of 21st Century Enlightment.  A quote from the clip below states that:
21st century Enlightment should champion a more self aware, socially embedded, model of Autonomy.  That recognizes our Frailities and limitations"...

I liked the fact that the clip talked about evidence based spirituality. Where sceptism is welcomed as an opportunity for further exploration of the issues at hand.

It with this clip featured below that I welcome a discussion of spirituality and science where as a quote from the review of the Book that Smolin talks of below:
 Smolin asserts that current-day cosmology has hit a wall because physicists refuse to understand that physical laws must ‘evolve in a real time.’ Changing that perspective, he says, will revolutionize everything from string theory to the stock market. Although the distinctions in point of view aren’t always clear, Smolin makes an energetic case for a paradigm shift that could produce mind-boggling changes in the way we experience our world."Publishers Weekly

Now I am NOT able to understand the entire nature of these things BUT then again I find the statement made as part of the presentation above interesting.  That his message a shift in thinking of how we understand that taking on board a NEW appreciation of time and if it is true that physics and physical laws can evolve in the Moment to Moment Experience of Time where the future is not fixed but continually evolving.  It allows the thoughts that Natural Universe can in fact learn and evolve.

Smolin states that it allows for Novelty and Noval Phenomon to become a real possibility and how our imagination and creativity can allow us to invent our way out of problems that face us in our modern world. 

I find the above particularly interesting in the context of a book I am currently reading that is similar to "The Secret" that talks of our ability to Manifest our desires through the use of our thoughts and how this becomes part of the Collective Consciousness of the World at large in effect creating #miracles.

The Book is called "E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality"

Now I am generally considered a reasonable man and as above I search for a range of possibilities through looking at EVIDENCE.  It is this aspect that I love this book as it gives an enquiring mind the capacity to test the realities that are presented.  Having not Finished the book yet the Jury is still out.  BUT I welcome the capacity to manipulate my world with Thought...  Or Consciousness.

 I guess I speak of that which is above because I if I was to seek Enlightment now I search between relationships that I have with things around me and increasingly I am allowing my thoughts to be more Optimistic.

So as i stated earlier this post is not really related to the previous post of #ISupport BUt in fact in my own experience is.  As I would like to believe that the capacity to change our world is a reality!  For if change is not possible then to mean it would limit the meaning that can be grasped from the experience of this thing called LIFE.  If I do have the capacity to influence and change the world I for one would like the change to be POSITIVE!

So it is true that all this information may well be Crap!  But I Pledge #MISupport to endeavor to BE Positive, Optimistic, and create #Noharm with my Consciousness.  And if you the reader are able to undertake the same we may well be able to create a positive Change on the planet where the infinite possibilities that are discussed here come together to create a  even if all this talk of #Miracles is bull change for the better.

If you are interested and are open minded there is a range of people who are exploring the impact of the Collective Global Consciousness and how it affects the world at large.

Examples can be found here:

If it is possible through the Moment to Moment experience of TIME to create an opportunity for the Physical Laws to change through the interaction with the Collective Consciousness to create a better world that creates betterment for all then I pledge #MISupport and Consciousness to this end.  AND I ask will you?  OK it may well be Bullshit BUT thinking and creating HOPE, COMPASSION and MINDFULLNESS may just lead us to a place where more people are doing good and being good which has to be #GOOD4ALL

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