Friday, 15 February 2013

There is great brilliance in the darkness

I have been having a bit of writers block in regard to this Blog.
This has mainly been through my exploration and discussion of the journey through mindfulness that I have been exploring.
My last post "Jon Kabat Zinn" has given a few examples his work.

In the time since my last post I have been talking, sharing and discussing topics of Mindfulness and have been happy to know that many are also on the same path towards engaging more with their real selves.

There is one person in particular who has had some issues around feeling anxiety around death.  I shared this clip below with them and they stated that this is similiar to the stuff that they are discussing with the professional who is helping them.

The clip above makes sense really.  The joy of what I find of the magic of Jon Kabat Zinn is that he speaks from a great understanding of Science, Buddism, Yoga and a range of other topics that many people do have knowledge of, or as least as much as he, BUT he has the capacity to discuss these issues with such clarity that Joe or Jill average can grasp and understand them.

The beauty of the clip above is also that through acceptance of what "IS" rather than what "could "BE" we actually have the capacity to as he advocates to just "BE"!!! BE at peace, BE in Harmony, Just BE.

In fact one of the more interesting saying that he expresses regularly is that our species known as Human Beings is NOT often actually BEING true to our name in that we are more like Human DOINGS.  As he describes that we have a fear of not DOING ANYTHING.  So for myself I am loving the exploration of just being particularly the focus on knowing and feeling the experience of the BREATH.

It is this that brought me to the writing of this post this evening.

I have had an issue with my sleep pattern where I am having difficulty getting to sleep and this was the case last night.  So I went outside in the middle of the night got out my sleeping bag and layed upon the outdoor plastic lounge just watching the stars and clouds and stuff that is out there in the night time.  It was awesome actually as there were limited lights to detract from the light coming from the sky.  While out there for a while and after my eyes had adjusted to to the dark it was amazing "How many colours there are in the dark"!  Realistically the colours are more likely shades of black white and grey but in the night sky with the clouds low and the stars so far away the effect created a great sense of depth that I had not really taken notice of before.  It was particularly interesting when comparing the shapes created by the house and the fence.and all things around me.  To give you some context the longe that I was lying on is quite close to the ground and I was next to the fence so it was great to as stated earlier create a difference in perspective and depth perception that was pleasing to the eye as well as to experience of the moment.

Now I wish I some artistic ability especially with a paint brush as the picture that was created within my mind was one that would well be worth having a crack getting down...

It creates a though based on an article I recently read about what the night sky over a number of cities would look like in the event the lights were turned off and absent of light pollution. The article here shows how French photographer Thierry Cohen goes about his work to photograph the sky and create some unbelievable images. I have posted some examples below:

" Cohen does not merely replace one sky with another for convenient photographic legibility. By travelling to places free from light pollution but situated on precisely the same latitude as his cities (and by pointing his camera at the same angle in each case), he obtains skies which, as the world rotates about its axis, are the very ones visible above the cities a few hours earlier or later. He shows, in other words, not a fantasy sky as it might be dreamt, but a real one as it should be seen."


 Now if I was to try and paint the my own images I would not do justice as this photographer here has done but it would be worth while seeing our world as it "IS" without the "noise" and distraction of the "world" the images above I guess are representative of the of the potential clarity and brilliance of the mind if and when we are successful in turning thought off and just allowing ourselves to be just as we are.  As is indicated in the video above by Jon Kabat- Zinn.

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