Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My blog virginity is broken

Well this is my first Blog!

In beginning I guess it is central to look at the original question I pose myself as well as those who view and interact with this blog.

I hope to be true to my own self and the views that are held true for me.

I also will attempt to answer the of what I want say by stating that what I wish to say may well change as I change as a individual and as I change as a writer.

But at the outset I wish to make it quite clear that I set out on this journey being a person who from an individual perspective has spent many many years working in the human services industry working with people at many points of need. I believe in ideal of Inclusion, equity, fairness and a fair go for all, however in order to explore these issues fully is a very complex and intriguing discussion as there are many many views on what these topics represent for different people.

I will attempt to be fair and just in all I write BUT I acknowledge that in exploring my thoughts and the thoughts of others there will be occasions where this creates CONTROVERSY; I will endeavour to not shy away from this as there are benefits to ideological differences and exploring these within the framework of Respect and Understanding.

I will encourage the development of skills from an Individuals, groups, organisations and myself throughout this writing and IN the event that you the reader feel that I am in need of further skill development then I charge you with the responsibility to be open enough to tell me BUT with the same sentiment of you applying the concept of Due Diligence, Care and Respect and Understanding for your fellow Human.

Well that being said this all appears to be a good first statement of what it is that I am setting out to do here.

I hope that you gain something that you are looking for from these words.

Please feel free to drop by and and read and follow the understanding that I have of Mi casa su casa!!!!

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