Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Jon Kabat- Zinn

In the entry of my BLOG I am actually going to write very little. I do this in respect to my belief of what the following content is trying to say and that LESS is ACTUALLY MORE. As I mentioned earlier I went to see Clive Leach for assistance with my job search and career progression.

In regard to the discussion about the ongoing development of my strengths he suggested that I could look at Jon Kabat Zinn a world leader in the area of Mindfulness and particular Moment to Moment Breathing.

So as directed I "Googled" so to speak and eventually completed the Guided Meditation -"Body Scan" as recommended. As well as Die before Dying that essentially is using the Asana of the Corpse pose described in earlier post of "Life Death and Yoga"

And then I realised that is many more posts by Jon when you search him out on "You Tube".

So here is just a couple I would recommend.

The great thing about this is I was able to use these on my iphone on the You Tube app streaming over my wireless modem.  Wow the wonderment of modern technology.  That which has been stated to be driving us batty because we are now contactable 24/7 via our walking smart phones.  Comes to the aid of bringing a greater connection to me in the moment of breath.....

Well enjoy these are but a taste of that which is available but some of my favourites that I would like to share.

I also found a particularly useful Audio Book. Also in regard to the greater idea of this BLOG having the capacity to assist others who find life challenging including those with depression, anxiety or some other Mental Health support requirements. I will add one further item below as I watched it trying to find the EMBED code for those items above.  And I (as far as I know I) really liked the last question that was asked by the person in audience about the correlation between Money and Mindfulness.  I must say that it challenged my own understandings as well as opened me to a range of other possibilities.. 

The particularly interesting aspect of the message below is obviously beginning to gain traction within a hard nosed corporate environment that can be identified by the Esteemed Corporation of GOOGLE The monster that it is.

Well enjoy and enjoy your beginning or ongoing journey to wakefulness and your falling awake..

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